The Timestone Key

About the Book

The story of a woman’s journey across an ocean, across time, and across dimensions to find the secret of a love that lasts forever. 

“Follow your heart” was the only instruction three-year-old Halley Winsted received when she unwittingly accepted the mysterious family legacy. But at thirty-three, following her heart is difficult. Love and commitment don’t come easily, even in the arms of sexy Tom Rutledge. A trip to England alone seems the perfect chance to consider her relationship with Tom and indulge her obsession with the other man in her life—King Arthur. Little does Halley realize that Arthur is more than an obsession; he is an integral part of her past, her present, and her future, and she is an integral part of his. For the legends are true. Arthur is alive in Avalon!

Alive, yes … but teetering on the brink of madness, unable to fulfill his role as The Chosen. Arthur is to lead the armies of Man against Mordred’s powers of Evil during the Last Days. In his present state, the hope of mankind is lost. Only the legacy Halley bears can heal Arthur’s mind. Others and tried and failed, and now it’s Halley’s turn. She holds the key—The Timestone Key. Can she trust its magic to show her the way to restore Arthur’s glorious destiny? And can she trust her heart to lead her to her own?